Message from our president

Almedio enterd the web business! Yasushi Takahashi President ALMEDIO INC.
Almedio enterd the web business! Yasushi Takahashi President ALMEDIO INC.

Almedio is working on the new business. Specifically, we have started managing the web site in June, 2017, called “IE COLLEGE” which we acquired by the business transfer.

Web business market keeps on expanding and we recognize that it’s not only for us to utilize in our existing businesses but also to develop itself and focus on as the new business field.

However, only creating systems is not sufficient for web business. The operating capabilities and the past achievements are really important.

Acquiring “IE COLLEGE” which is the most popular web site of the real estate’s comparison in Japan, we could also secure the outstanding business achievements and accumulated operating capabilities.

We will develop and expand “IE COLLEGE” further and build new web site also. Then we will make this business become one of our profit’s pillars.


On the other hand, taking the opportunity to enter the web business, we withdrew from the visual inspection system. We thought that the potential demands were big as the production efficiency in Asian countries would proceed. Our original plan was, to make our product adopt at customer’s production site on a trial basis and to evaluate the performance and then to lead the full-scale purchase. The trial orders were getting increase. However, we learned that some improvements of the product and development of the additional features were still needed. In order to execute them, further prior investment cost would be required and it would take a lot of time to organize the technical support system. Therefore, we judged that realization of early profitability was difficult and withdrew the business. We continue the testing business.


We set forth a new mid-term management plan called “ReGrowth 2017”.


In order to take maximum advantage of management resources and promote management reform, we have to have the ability to respond quickly to change.

Our slogan is “Agility, Challenge, and Toughness”. We continue to work on the business development with our business policy “selling background as well as product” in mind since its founding.

We intend to push forward to meet your expectations for the company's value increase through our re-growth and future business development.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement to our group.

June 1, 2017

Yasushi Takahashi, President