Our Supply Chain CSR Code of Contact

In order to enhance our corporate value and to achieve sustainable development, we are conducting appropriate business activities in accordance with the "Almedio Charter of Corporate Conduct". This is in accordance with the basic principles of corporate governance, such as ensuring soundness and transparency of management, and we are working to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Under global business development, we are sought to implement transparent and unbiased supply chain management together with our suppliers, whom we ask to procure raw materials, resources and parts and/or to produce goods. Therefore, we have established the "Almedio supply chain CSR Code of Conduct" (hereafter “the Code”) to fulfill the social responsibility properly.

The Code is based on “the EICC Code of Conduct” (ver. 5.1) set forth by EICC®(Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition: a CSR alliance), the international Electronic industry association.We shall actively fulfill the social responsibility through the supply chain by implementing CSR activities with respect to the EICC Code of Conduct.

ALMEDIO_CSR_Code Of Contact