Message from our president

Challenge to change

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rampant around the world, and people's lifestyles are under pressure to change. What has been normal until now becomes unusual, and each individual is required to act responsibly.

 We are also promoting telework, seeking to keep work smooth while protecting the safety of employees and their families. We often use the word experiment in-house. In terms of management, we place a great deal of weight on the challenge of creating new businesses, and we strive to make quick attacks without fear of failure, but we also face challenges in reforming the management department. In order to create a workplace where employees can work comfortably in line with diversifying social environments change such as work style reforms, it is sometimes necessary to make drastic reforms. We also want to be a company that pursues uniqueness and ease of work rather than side by side. In such a case, it is important not to think too much and think it is an experiment and try it quickly. Since it is an experiment, failure always occurs, and what is important is to execute PDCA and make quick adjustments.

 I think the experiment is also useful for employee education. By experimenting, adjusting, and sometimes failing (= reflecting) and gaining experience, the success rate will gradually increase. In addition, it often brings unexpected results, and it leads to great awareness, which gives us joy.

 This year will be a turning point where the industry will change significantly. Taking this as an opportunity, we would like to carry out a number of experiments boldly and focus on the results without fear of failure.

 Almedio will continue to challenge this term. To take risks and grow all employees, thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.

代表取締役社長 髙橋 靖