Message from our president

To Functional material manufacturers

In fiscal 2022, price boost due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, stagnation due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and repeated shortages of semiconductors have affected our business.

In our Thermal insulating material business, there were notable cases in which customers were unable to manufacture electrical components such as control panels due to difficulties in obtaining semiconductors, resulting in delays in the delivery of our materials. Also, in our Nanomaterials business, the installation of some of equipment used at the Fukushima Futaba factory was delayed for the same reason.

Under such circumstances, our Thermal insulating business succeeded in receiving a large order for heater modules used in diffusion furnaces for photovoltaic power generation in China, and achieved record profits despite restrictions on activities.

In our Nanomaterials business, the building of the Fukushima Futaba factory was completed on August 17th, equipment delivery and installation began in September, and the completion ceremony was successfully held on September 27th. We hope that those who attended the ceremony were able to get a feel for the atmosphere of our factory.

There are many issues that must be resolved, such as the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the response to the external environment such as the growing sense of urgency in the situation in Taiwan, the strengthening of the system to respond to all customer demands, and the shrinking of the existing business. In the process of repeatedly failing and overcoming these challenges, individual employees become stronger, aware, and grow.
For that reason, ALMEDIO will continue to take on challenges.

We would like to ask you for the continued support and encourage on our group.

代表取締役社長 髙橋 靖