Management Policy


Management Idea

Technology and Challenge

Source of the growth of our company


Concept of the enterprise

Specializing in high profit business as a technical accumulation enterprise

1. Raising technical accumulation power and make it high added value
2. Specializing the business that supports the development of the enterprise
3. Going into the business for the enterprise.


Company style to aim

Taking accountability thoroughly

Raising the transparent nature of management and vitalizing our company by taking accountability about "Basis of the plan, Analysis of the achievement, Premise of prediction".

Our company name, "ALMEDIO", is a coined word originated from Spanish which means "The Media" in English. ALMEDIO means "Contribution through Media".

We are a technical accumulation style maker whose nucleus business is the Test Media (test BD, DVD, CD, etc.). Since foundation, we have secured the compatibility of each media and offered the convenience nature to the consumers by offering the Test Media that are the quality standard of computer equipment and AV equipment. We are doing OEM production business of music CDs,DVDs and BDs and tackling with the development of computer software by making the most of the technology that we have fostered with Test Media production.

We, ALMEDIO, are hoping to contribute to the society by supporting the compatibility of the media and catch technical progress certainly as the technical accumulation style enterprise.