We aim for further development and stable business base. We will make the best use of our accumulated technology and expand into a new business area.

Insulating Material

(Japanese version only)

We established our subsidiary company, 阿爾賽(蘇州)無機材料有限公司 in 2005 and entered the field of refractory material and insulating material. We had been manufacturing and selling various refractory materials, thermal insulators, and related products. And we began to sell them in Japan in 2012. We have a system to perform the design and construction, so it is possible to make the best proposal for customers´ needs. We can provide the product and the service with high quality at reasonable prices.

Storage Solutions

(Japanese version only)

We develop, manufacture, and sell optical drives mounted on industrial equipment and audio product, etc. We have a lot of OEM manufacturing experience, and can offer the reliable and high-quality product by making the best use of it. We can customize all optical drives by matching them to customers´ needs.


(Japanese version only)

We offer archive solution with which you can preserve the valuable information such as documents, images, pictures, etc. for a long time. We have the technology that we have accumulated since the introduction of the optical disc and we can provide the optical disc archive with high preservation stability and reliability at low cost. We can provide digitalization of information, recording, preservation, and management as a service.

Industrial Solutions

We make a standard of PC and the AV equipment and we develop, manufacture, and sell the test disc for adjustment. We have the largest share of test media in the world. Test media are not only used in development and the production process of the product but also are used in the working line of the parts manufacturer. They contribute to interchangeability and the quality maintenance of the product shipped to the market.

Nano Material

ALMEDIO INC. started the nanomaterials business in April 2019. We develop, produce, and process nanomaterial products that are gaining increasing attention in a wide range of industries, such as aviation / space industry, automobile industry, medical products industry, and sports / leisure goods industry etc. By blending with ALMEDIO's Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) and Synthetic Graphene Powder which are good dispersibility and make it easy to process at high concentrations, it is possible to develop multi-functional high performance composite materials and paints that are not found in other companies, such as electrical / thermal conductivity, strength, elasticity, friction and wear, and radio wave absorption properties etc. We will contribute to the further development of functional materials in the future.