Distributing P3 system Master Media Set (MMS)

ALMEDIO INC (President Yoshio Iinuma) signed a Distributorship contract with
P3 systems GmbH (CEO Mr. Sebastian Keller). In future we will distribute products of
P3 systems GmbH.

This contract is intended to deal with diversifying customer requests such as testing products like CD/DVD test sets in combination with Audio and Video codec variations, device testing (USB, SD Cards, Bluetooth) and test products for acceptance tests
or test drives.

We will release further product information about P3 systems test products soon.

■ P3 systems GmbH information
Company Name:P3 systems GmbH
Location:M?nchstra?e 11, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany
CEO: Mr. Sebastian Keller

Description of business:Testing and consulting company of Automotive Infotainment in Germany.

P3 systems GmbH