Launch a new product, The Display Color Checker “DCC-1000”

This product is a device for inspection and evaluation of color shading and luminance unevenness of Smartphone’s, car navigation systems and all that having LCD screen. This apparatus is able to check fluctuation of LCD quality by performing relative evaluation by image recognition using camera.
The feature of DCC-1000 is the low cost and ease of use. It is easy to provide the introduction at production site, can help to improve quality control.

Product Features
■ The relative evaluation of uneven brightness and color unevenness
Image recognition by the camera, is easy to check the uneven brightness and color unevenness of the LCD.
DCC-1000 shows you the differences by comparison with your standard LCD (Comparative assessment). This is the best for checking the quality in a simplified manner, such as incoming inspection.
■ Display the difference information with your standard LCD in HSV color
Easy to judge intuitively inasmuch as it is displayed the differences in the HSV color. Further, relative evaluation of the RGB is also available. Color information of any point corresponds also to the XY or RGB display.
■ Since 3D graph display, Judge at a glance
The easy-to-understand by displaying 3D graphs, evaluation results are self-explanatory.
■ Automatic LCD detection
Since automatically detects the LCD range, can be examined in a simple setting. It is also compatible with tilt detection, can be inspected from an oblique angle. (Detection range can also be manually set)
■ Automatic Inspection Start
It is possible to detect a particular image and start the test to automatically by simply one click.

Product Name : Display Color Checker
Model Number : DCC-1000